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You know the drill; you meet someone totally amazing. Smart, funny, gorgeous, and caring. You have tons in common and can’t wait to see each other again. But having children can take a lot out of your schedule. How and when are you going to make time for love in your life? It is frustrating, but not impossible to schedule time for romance. After all you deserve it! You can have a fulfilling love life if you just make the proper adjustments.

You may not have time to troll bars or public spaces for a date. But that’s why the internet is so handy. Even when you have your kids with you, you can look for singles on a dating website. Try setting aside a half hour everyday to look for new potential dates. You can also send a mass email out to your friends to let them know you’re looking for a partner. Even if your friends can’t set you up, they can pass along your email to other people who may know the perfect person for you.  The best part is you can even set up dates when your kids are fast asleep.

Think outside the box when it comes to choosing dates. For single couples, dinner and drinks may be easy. But in the case of a single parent, evenings may be the only time you get to spend with your kids. Try a daytime date like lunch or brunch. Let your date know, (especially if they’re not a single parent themselves), that dating during the day is not a blow off, but simply your way of making it work.

For nights when you do want to go out, try a swap with other parents instead of looking for a babysitter. Looking for one that you trust can be half the battle of going out, so if you can find other parents who need a night out make a deal to take turns watching the kiddies.

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